Bringing HOPE to the HOPELESS: Mother-son family

Bringing HOPE to the HOPELESS: Mother-son family

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Dipendra and her mother

Health is a valuable wealth which many people fail to achieve in their lifetime. It is one of the important basic needs which is central to human happiness and should be available, accessible, acceptable and affordable to all. The cost for health care services is increasing which makes it difficult for middle and low income families to afford the required treatment. The people in rural parts of Nepal do not have proper health care service within their reach which results in untimely loss of lives to various diseases and injuries every year.

Parbati Nepali (45 years) and her son Dipendra Nepali (22 years), resident of Macchapuchhre Rural Municipality had been suffering from health problems since a long period. Parbati Nepali suffered from mental illness from the past 4 years while Dipendra Nepali was half paralyzed (left body) and was unable to speak from last 7 years. Even though Dipendra has good hearing and can think as a normal person, he could only express his emotions and feelings by writing in a copy with great difficulty. They have no source of income and no one to support. This family had been suffering without any medical intervention and had lost all their hopes of getting proper health treatment. The only source of income was Helpless Single Women allowance from Nepal Government amounting NRs. 4000 ($32.76) in every 4 month which was not enough to meet basic needs. This situation of dearth had lead Parbati to ask support (food) from neighbors.

After the news about this poor family was published in Kantipur National Daily on 27th Oct, 2019, NELUMBO, NEPAL’s management committee decided to support them for medical treatment. NELUMBO, NEPAL’s team went to their house with various grocery items and blankets. Initial assessment of their social and economic status was performed and they were promptly brought to Pokhara for further treatment. NELUMBO, NEPAL has been supporting such marginalized people in the community through its Medical Charity Fund which was formed to support the needy people who are unable to get proper treatment for themselves due to financial problem. After the treatment, Parbati was diagnosed with Bipolar Affective Disorder (BPAD) and Depression for which she was admitted in hospital for 6 days and was discharged with prescriptions of medicines. She is now on regular medication and improvements in her health (both physical and mental) can be visible.

Dipendra had been suffering from paralysis for the past 7 years without any treatment, medication or any other sort of intervention. Therefore, it was difficult for doctors to identify his problem and root cause even after carrying out various examinations like MRI scan, endoscopy, etc. After his further treatment, he was diagnosed with Dissociative Disorder, Catatonia and also showed the signs of Autism. He was given treatment and prescribed medication accordingly. Having left side of the body paralyzed and stiff neck, he couldn’t even carry out daily activities like eating, brushing teeth, walking, etc. and needed constant support of others but after treatment and regular medication for almost 2 months in hospital he could carry out all those activities by himself.

As his condition had improved considerably, his mother was given instructions on his therapy to be carried out at home before he was discharged from the hospital.

Before treatment
After treatment

Both are on regular medication with support from NELUMBO, NEPAL. Our organization continues to support them with their follow-ups, medication and grocery items.

Dipendra was able to obtain his citizenship from Phedikhola-04, Syangja with the help from Machhapuchhre Rural Municipality-06, Dhital; which will now help him to get Disability Identity card and the disability allowance provided by Government of Nepal. With these small steps, NELUMBO, NEPAL is trying to re-establish this family in the community so that they can afford their living and be able to lead a normal life.

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