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Educational institutions are of significant importance both in the society and for an individual as it provides certain instruments on development and progress through education and knowledge. These institutes help in shaping our attitudes and prepare us on tackling various conditions of life in a defined manner. However, in our country, there exist some crucial problems in such institutions which create hindrances in obtaining the aim of providing quality education. This results in a poor standard of education which affects the way of living in long run affecting both themselves and the community. The infrastructure of an educational institution is one of the prerequisites that adds to the process of imparting effective and quality education. In the absence of such structures, students might not feel secure and comfortable while they are been given some of the decisive knowledge that can change their outlook on further life and their carrier. Also, there are some apparent disparities between public and private educational institutions in the country. Private institutions are considerably better in many aspects of the teaching and learning process than public institutions felt and seen by all in the country. Whereas, public institutions are the first priority of the pupil from the poor economic background who resembles a large population than the economically sound population.

On considering education as the basic human right of every person and one of the fundamental rights granted by the constitution, every child has the right to equal access to proper education. To ensure this right, NELUMBO, NEPAL has helped two public/government schools of Kaski District so that they can impart quality education to the students of that areas. These students come from the family with low-economic background and their schools needed the help provided to sustain both the institution and the pupils.

One of the schools named Shree Kabi Siromani Basic School situated on the outskirts of Pokhara valley, received financial aid to support the yearly expenses of a teacher privately appointed to ensure the quality of education of the institution. Similarly, a school situated at Machhapuchhre Rural Municipality-07, Dhampus named Shree Janapriye Basic School was supported by providing financial assistance in constructing the fences around the boundary of the school in order to provide a safe and proper environment for the pupils.

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