Awareness on Corona Virus Disease [COVID-19]

Awareness on Corona Virus Disease [COVID-19]

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Many people are unaware of the simple preventive measures they can carry out in their daily life to keep them away from minor disease and its consequences. To encourage people in adopting healthy behaviors that provide resistance to serious health threats, we conduct health awareness program on various topics.

On 14th February, 2020 an awareness program was organized by NELUMBO, NEPAL in collaboration with Machhapuchhre Rural Municipality, Dhital-06 focusing on spreading endemic disease: Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) also known as novel Corona Virus along with other topics like Nutrition, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and Social Responsibilities. It was necessary to aware people on the current endemic disease COVID-19 as people didn’t had much information on how it spreads and how it can be prevented even with minimum effort. Along with this, sensitizing people on benefits of drinking purified and safe water, living in sanitized environment and following personal hygiene like hand-washing (decreases 50% of waterborne and 23% of respiratory diseases) was also important. Similarly, awareness on nutrition was given focusing on the Maternal and Child Health with the aim of reducing Infant Mortality Rate as well as undernourishment (one of the poorest indicator in Gandaki Province i.e. 29%). Likewise, all the participants were acknowledged about the social responsibility they have towards the community they live in and on how can they deliver it to the community for its prosperity.

The total number of participants of the program were forty-one. The participants were from various background like teachers, local government representatives, Female Community Health Volunteer, Health Assistant and school students. The Honorable Ward Chairperson of Dhital-06, Mr. Harishchandra Dhungana formally started the program at 12:00 pm with opening remarks and concluded at around 3:00 pm with closing remarks. The program started with distribution of pre-test form along with pen and notebook to the participants. The pre-test form included questionnaire related to the presentation topic and were simple to understand. After completion of the program, post-test form was also distributed to the participants. Those form were distributed in order to assess the initial knowledge of the participants and to know if the program made any difference in their knowledge and understanding.

Overall, the program was effective as there was interactive sessions and critical feedbacks during the program.

Note: The pre-test and post test data are yet to be analyzed.

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