Euro-guard Distribution

Euro-guard Distribution

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  1. Make a check payable to "NELUMBO Nepal"
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Schools should ensure that clean drinking water is available throughout school time for students. This will help keep many communicable diseases and their related risk factors at bay. As most children have a sensitive immune system, the provision of safe drinking water in schools is important. It not only wards off various disease-causing germs and such, but also boosts energy, improves brain function, and keeps students hydrated, and ward-off health risks associated with it. Availability of safe drinking water beyond households is incorporated in SGD 6: Clean Water and Sanitation which is addressed by NELUMBO, NEPAL through its euro-guard distribution program at various schools of the working areas.

This program has directly impacted almost 1170 students and teachers of the four schools of Machhapuchhre Rural Municipality which lies in the outskirts of Pokhara Metropolitan City. This municipality incorporates a wide range of landscapes which makes the availability and accessibility of safe drinking water a challenge for the people living in most of the parts of this municipality. NELUMBO, NEPAL hopes this small step in providing safe drinking water will help to improve the health of the students and also raise awareness among them on the importance of clean and safe drinking water.

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